A musician at heart, and by trade, Shayne was left in a complicated position when he was made redundant from his role as a music teacher for disabled adults. His skillset was not clearly transferable to many fields and having a pacemaker limited his options.

Shayne had heard about Worktrainers from a friend and thought perhaps they could at least help with some guidance in the right direction when he brought his job search to them. Verena McPherson, disability employment consultant at Worktrainers, went one better and went on the hunt for something suitable.

Not too fussed with the kind of work he took on, Shayne did want to find something ongoing where he could settle into the role. When Worktrainers approached Autopro Seymour they were keen to meet Shayne and it was a quick and seamless fit.

“Shayne’s a great addition to the team, he’s always happy to do any job, whether it’s tidying up the stock room or conducting stocktakes and inventory. He’s always punctual and happy and works well with the rest of the team” said Graham MacPherson, owner of Autopro Seymour.

In the time he’s been working, Shayne has been getting fitter and healthier, improving his quality of life and helping to maintain his jovial easy-going personality that has helped make his transition into this new job so smooth.

“I’ve been here for more than seven months now and it’s a great environment to work in, they’re a great bunch of people to work with, they don’t hover and just leave me to my own devices to get things done,” Shayne said.

“Worktrainers made the process of finding work so much easier than I expected it would be and to find something that fits so well is great.”

Shayne’s love of music is another thing that has helped him along the way, providing him an added interest outside of work.

“I play just about anything with strings, music has always been a passion of mine. I’ve taken a break from volunteering for community radio so far this year, since starting this job, but I will find time to get back into it, I enjoyed being able to bring music to people,” he said.