When Amy came to Worktrainers in March 2016 she was quiet and timid. She had been working casually in cleaning but as hoping to find something more permanent to devote her time to. She felt that having the help of Worktrainers would improve her chances.

Amy was born with Microcephaly, a condition that affected her brain development, mainly relating to her memory and learning. Amy didn’t want to let her condition define her but was hesitant to ask for help in seeking a job. She had previously had poor experiences in the past with employment agencies. However, she was pleasantly surprised by Anne-Marie Barry and the team at Worktrainers.

“Anne-Marie has really helped me by finding this job with VIP Cleaning. It’s great having work but it’s especially great working with Daryl and the team at VIP. “Even though I do a lot of my job alone, I’ve met most of the team and they’re really lovely”, Amy said.

From Monday to Friday, Amy starts work at 5.30am, cleaning Daintree Medical Centre in Wodonga. While they’re not her ideal hours, she is delighted to have a job that she feels capable of and that she can do without supervision. Her boss, owner Darryl Townsend, is happy too.

“When I met Amy, I was looking for someone to do 10 hours of cleaning a week and Anne-Marie introduced Amy,” Darryl said. “She was just so keen to get into work that we got her started the next day. She’s a great worker, we had a few hiccups early on where she forgot to do something, but we came up with a checklist for Amy to work through and it’s been going great ever since.”

“Just the other week Amy was after some extra hours, so she came and helped me with a job and it was great, we had a lot of laughs, we split up the work between us and we were both basically finished at the same time. What we are working on now is getting her confident enough in herself that she will be able to go off and work on her own on various other jobs without needing things like the checklist.”

When Amy began the job, she ran out of the medical offices when staff began to show up for the day, but she is now comfortable enough to stay around for a few minutes and have a chat before she leaves.

Amy is grateful to have found a job that suits her skills and abilities and a boss who is keen to work with her to increase her confidence to achieve even more