Shayne Lynch landed a new job at Seymour Technology about 10 months ago with the help of Worktrainers – bringing a fantastic work ethic, local celebrity as lead singer for the rock cover band Rough Diamond and a quick mind that picked up new technology quickly.

Everything was running smoothly and Mr Lynch was enjoying the 16 hours of work he could manage each week until a house fire claimed almost everything he owned – and almost his life.

“I was the last to know about the fire,” Mr Lynch said.

“I was watching TV and went to open the window to let some fresh air in and noticed the street was full of people. They were yelling at me that there was a fire and I needed to get out,” Mr Lynch said

“I put some clothes on, grabbed my phone and my wallet and got out of the apartment by way of the window and the veranda of the shop below. If it hadn’t been for the tradies having a beer after work at the pub next door who had a ladder, I really don’t think I was going to get from there to the street in one piece – the fire was blocking the only way in or out of my apartment,” Mr Lynch said.

In spite of his initial sadness at losing his possessions, Mr Lynch was determined to keep going to work– despite having no work clothes to turn up to work in, Worktrainers Verena McPherson said.

“Leanne Mahoney from our office was straight onto it and had workwear ordered the day after the fire and ready to wear within the week,” Verena said.

“When I talked with Shayne, he was relatively upbeat about it all and if one thing was sure, he wasn’t going to let it keep him away from his job.”

“His friends and the community have rallied around him and he’s just moved into a house with all the basics to get him back on his feet. He did lose almost all of his instruments and all of his sentimental items but as far as situations like this go, Shayne has clearly made some amazing friends over the years.”

Mr Blades tried to give Mr Lynch time off after the fire but he wasn’t having it, knowing there was nothing to be gained by twiddling his thumbs at home.

Mr Lynch has been surprised and humbled by the outpouring of support from the local community, his friends, his motorcycle club, his boss Steven Blades at Seymour Technology and the team at Worktrainers.

Not one to spend long away from the things he enjoys, this coming Saturday Mr Lynch is heading back to the stage at the Broadford Hotel in what one of his mates is jokingly calling the Phoenix Tour.

“I can’t change what’s happened, and moping around isn’t going to help, I figured that I couldn’t let this stop me and I still have a lot to live for. Onwards and upwards basically,” Mr Lynch said.