Our Impact

It’s not just about the paypacket – getting a job is really important for a range of reasons.

It helps form part of our identity; allows us to contribute to something larger than ourselves and provides a sense of belonging. Many people in regional and rural Australia find it hard to get a job – which is why the Workgroup was formed.

Each year, hundreds of people receive a better chance at employment through services offered by The Workgroup across nine locations in northern and central Victoria and southern New South Wales.

The Workgroup’s entities provide ‘Business to Business’ services that have earned a strong reputation for quality and value. Surplus funds earned by these entities are ploughed directly back into local communities through the Specialised Employment Program delivered  by Worktrainers.

Our goal is to provide innovative employment services that help people in rural and regional areas to enjoy the same opportunities for employment and economic participation that are afforded to those in metropolitan areas.

After serving northern Victoria for more than 20 years, our business is committed to improving employment opportunities for all in our community.