Social Enterprise

At the Workgroup, we’re just as serious about making money and growing our business as any other company.

The difference is that we exist to make money for other people – with a mission to help job seekers from all walks of life to find sustainable employment.

Instead of putting profit into the hands of shareholders or business owners, the surplus funds generated by our commercial businesses are directly reinvested into programs providing employment opportunities for disadvantaged people in our communities.

We also invest a portion of our surplus funds into the business, so that we can be sure that we can continue to serve the people of northern Victoria and southern New South Wales for decades to come.

Recruitment Select and Game Traffic & Contracting, deliver Business to Business services that we believe are at least equal to services offered by any competitors. The only difference between those two entities and other commercial organisations is that surplus funds go into the pocket of the communities that we operate in, rather than the wallets of shareholders.