After a full year in her role as a kitchen hand at Huon Hill Hotel in Wodonga, Lisa House has found a new family.

After being in and out of work for more than 15 years tackling a range of personal issues, Lisa  had sought the help from a range of employment services but none had found her work. It was only after Lisa met with Anne-Marie Barry at Worktrainers that she was able to find a job where she could fit in.

“When I met Anne-Marie she was exactly what I needed; she wouldn’t give up and she held my hand through the process of getting job ready,” Lisa said.

“She really helped to boost my confidence, and it was her connections in the region that got me this job at Huon Hill Hotel.”

Anne-Marie had placed people with Huon Hill Hotel previously and during a visit to check on the progress of staff she had placed, she spoke with Manager Veronica Parker. Anne-Marie discovered a kitchen hand position had opened up the day before at the hotel, she immediately thought of Lisa for the position. She started the very next day and it’s been a perfect fit ever since.

“It’s such a great environment to work in and I love the team, I’m always busy there and I can help the chefs by bringing supplies from the stock room or sweeping up or getting on to other odd jobs  I can see need doing,” Lisa said.

“At the end of a service the chefs might even help me unload the dishwashers or things like that. In the entire time I’ve been there I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t been lovely.”

While a part of Lisa would love to work on a cruise ship one day and escape from the worries of the world, she really doesn’t want to leave Huon Hill Hotel. She has found a place she feels she belongs and has no intention of giving that away any time soon.