Ongoing heath issues led to Josefine Gabauer losing her job, and when she finally regained her health after her most recent issues with a perforated eardrum, she found that changes in technology had shut down her options.

Josefine’s lack of computer skills and her age rendered her jobless, for 15 years, despite countless attempts to find work.

After a few years with a disability employment agency who were unable to find her any employment Josefine was referred to Worktrainers by Centrelink.

On a regular visit to the Wallan Neighbourhood House, Verena, Josafine’s employment consultant, was told about a vacancy in the House’s childcare centre and thought immediately of Josafine.

“My hopes weren’t high after so long without a job particularly since the other employment agency hadn’t been able to help, but when I met Verena at Worktrainers I knew at least the staff were nice,” Josafine said.

“It did take a little while to find work, but I did get work in the end.  I’ve been with Worktrainers for maybe two years, and I’ve just finished my second week at my new job – but it’s completely worth it.”

Josafine loves the work and has found it rewarding to become an important person in the lives of children.

“We can have anywhere between 12 and 21 kids depending on the day, ranging between 2 and 4,” Josafine said.

“Generally they entertain themselves, but they love it when you will spend time reading or playing with them. The biggest thing to really adjust to has been the noise – it’s nice to come home to some quiet after work!”

“The team at the Neighbourhood House have been great, they’re really welcoming and it’s been a great start back in the workforce.

“I’m loving it and I’m very thankful to Verena who has been so warm and supportive over the past few years. It’s all made it a very positive experience for me.”