Amy has suffered from depression, anxiety and PTSD for years, severely limiting her ability to gain employment – until she found Worktrainers.

At the age of 29, Amy had spent years missing out on jobs – but only recently linked her struggle to find work with her mental health issues.

“At the time it felt like I was just being picky in the jobs I was looking for, but it was more about not having any belief in myself,” Amy said.

“It was hard just being out in the world, interacting with strangers, even without the added pressure of my livelihood being on the line.”

The pressure of being a single parent spurred the Wodonga woman to contact Worktrainers and began working with her employment consultant, Anne-Marie Barry. Together, they prioritised gaining  income as a   short-term goal, and Worktrainers were able to find a cleaning position for Amy.

“It was great for Amy to start working so soon and have an income, but a lonely manual labour position with unsociable hours wasn’t necessarily the best fit for the long-term.” Anne-Marie said.

After three months, with support from Anne-Marie, Amy has found a new job in phone sales, and is flourishing.

“Two-and-a-half weeks in, my boss said I was the best he’d ever had at building a rapport with customers,” Amy said.

“Cold-calling people, specifically, can send your anxiety through the roof. I would have never thought with my illness that I’d even end up working again, let alone talking to strangers over the phone and actually enjoying it.”

Amy said the combination of finding the right psychologist, medication, and having a support network were all equally important in setting her on her chosen path.

“It’s all about the people you have around you. Anne-Marie really pushed me, in a good way. She actually cared about what would suit me. I’ve rang her in tears and she was there to talk; she’s been amazing.”

Anne-Marie said the job had made a profound difference to Amy’s life.

“I’ve seen a change in her levels of positivity.  She seems very suited to the role, and much happier now.”

“I have no doubts or concerns about Amy’s future. She’s in a role she enjoys, and she’s kicking goals. She’ll often come to me excited about hitting sales targets; she’s doing    really well.”

Amy was recently offered a full-time position at the company, and is beginning to set big-picture goals for herself and her family.

“My target is to be debt-free, spoil my son, and enjoy life with him,” Amy said. “Eventually, I want to be able to invest in property for his future.”