It hasn’t been an easy road for Allan Strauss, but thanks to Zedbar and Worktrainers he’s found satisfaction in every working day. In the past three months since starting his job as a cleaner, Allan hasn’t missed a beat; he shows up for his shifts and always gets his work done to a high standard.

Allan has battled depression in the past and lives with ongoing pain from injuries earned during his years in the transport industry; but he has made it his goal to challenge himself every day.

“I met a guy who was in a wheelchair who really opened my eyes. He’d get up on the ride on mower or get on his motorcycle and didn’t let being in a wheelchair stop him,” Allan said.

“He told me, “someone is always worse off than you,” and that made me realise that I’m lucky to have a job and to get the chance to support myself and even to get out of bed. I might not have had an easy life but I’m still here.”

“I probably wouldn’t have found this job by myself, I had thought I was more after work outdoors, but I’m glad Anne-Marie suggested it, because it’s absolutely great,”

“When you come in on a Saturday or Sunday you can always tell when a good night’s been had; the floor’s black with alcohol and sticky and the bathrooms often need some serious attention.

“But I always remind myself, if those people didn’t come to Zedbar and make a mess I wouldn’t have a job, I try to look on the bright side, and I love walking out of here at the end of a shift knowing that it looks as good as new because of me.”

It wasn’t an instant work solution for Allan and his Worktrainers Employment Consultant, Anne-Marie Barry – persistence was key.

“Allan’s been with Worktrainers on and off for over three years now,” Anne-Marie said.

“I have found him a number of jobs in that time, but they haven’t proved successful.

“He has wide-ranging skills, which makes the list of potential job options longer, but thus far they just hadn’t been the right fit. When Zedbar came along it was amazing – every time I see Allan now he’s got a huge smile and can’t thank me enough, nor speak higher of his employer, Ashly.”

Zedbar manager Ashly Baikaloff was likewise quick to praise Allan.

“Allan’s a great worker, he doesn’t muck around and you know you can rely on him to get the place looking great. He’s a great addition to the team as well, he’s got a great rapport with the other staff and is always up for a chat” Ashly said.

“We’d had bad experiences in the past with employment agencies and people that just weren’t appropriate, but Allan has really surprised and impressed us, he came along with good skills and experience and it’s all worked out really well.”