Perseverance and a positive attitude helped Mark Merrigan secure a job he loves, while Gateway Lifestyle Park in Shepparton East gained an employee willing to go the extra mile.

Mark approached Worktrainers in Shepparton for help finding extra employment that would suit his personal needs and help him achieve the additional benchmark hours he needed.

His perseverance paid off when the opportunity to work at Gateway Lifestyle Park came up, and Mark now works around the property, performing maintenance, looking after gardens and taking care of odd jobs.

He said Worktrainers had encouraged him to work towards his goals.

“They helped me find this job and it’s been going really well,” he said.

“Worktrainers has been supportive and bought me some work clothes – they’ve been so helpful.”

Mark’s work at Gateway Lifestyle Park has given him new opportunities – though he was nervous about driving a manual vehicle, encouragement from his employers means he’s now confident in driving the manual ute around the park, and he’s also picked up additional hours thanks to his hard work.

“I was a bit nervous about the work at first, but it’s a great job – it’s not too repetitive and there’s always something new,” Mark said.

“I talk to Louise at Worktrainers every fortnight, and sometimes they come out to see how I’m going – they’re so helpful.”

Gateway Lifestyle Park manager Craig Morley said Mark had been a valuable addition to the team and took great pride in his work.

“We need staff and it didn’t seem like a bad idea to get Worktrainers to come out – they sold the concept to me with having Mark for eight hours a week and we’ve run with it,” Craig said.

“Mark has worked out fantastic – we’ve asked him to do some extra hours and he’s really come to the party when we’ve needed him.

“I can’t speak highly enough of Mark and it’s been great to see him learn new skills – he’s been a bit anxious sometimes but we’ve chipped away at that. He’s been given the opportunity and he’s really run with it.”