When Bindy comes to work at Greater Shepparton Taxis, she’s keen to catch up with her regular passengers.

Greater Shepparton Taxis have contracts with a range of disability service providers around the region, meaning Bindy often picks up the same people each week.  As a new driver, Bindy says the relationships she has formed with the individuals she transports has helped to grow her confidence.

Bindy found her niche in the taxi industry after she approached Worktrainers for help to re-enter the workforce.  After some time at home on a disability pension, she felt she was in a position to re-join the workforce and she knew she wanted a job where she could utilise her great people skills.

When she came to Worktrainers she told Amy, her Employment Consultant, she had thought about becoming a bus driver.  Whilst looking into this option, Amy also suggested working in the Taxi industry.   Bindy agreed this would be a good alternative and together they commenced the process of getting Bindy her taxi licence.

With her licence in hand Bindy secured two weeks work volunteering with local Taxi company Greater Shepparton Taxis.  During this time she learnt the ropes and got a feel for the job and she loved it. Even the challenging shifts didn’t dull her enthusiasm.

“They’re long hours, but Heather and the team at Greater Shepparton Taxis are amazing, they’re a great team to work with and they’re always there to help out,” Bindy said

After completing a Certificate IV in Disability, to learn more about herself and people living with disabilities in the community, Bindy now enjoys putting those skills into action every day at work

“I drive one of the wheelchair accessible taxis which means I can put the things I learned through my Cert Four into practice and I love being able to help, I love meeting new people as well as catching up with my regular passengers each week,” Bindy said.

Her proactive approach to her work means she keeps all her passengers informed if a trip is taking longer than expected.  “It’s really important for me to let them know if I’ve been held up at all, especially if I’m transporting people to doctors’ appointments or medical treatments. Some of the people I transport would be more than happy to drive around with me all day if they could!”  The team at Greater Shepparton Taxis are also quick to jump in and help out when other drivers are unavailable, to ensure all their passengers still get to where they need to go.

“Joining the team at Greater Shepparton Taxi has been a great decision for me.  I now have a rewarding job that I really enjoy.”